The Trail of the Saber is an award giving special recognition to boys who take full advantage of the junior leadership development opportunities available in their outpost and district. The award acknowledges the growth in servant leadership experienced in this process, starting in Discovery or Adventure Rangers and continuing through Expedition Rangers.  Although this award may only be earned by boys, the award medal and ribbon may continue to be worn on the Royal Rangers uniform after a boy graduates into the ranks of adult leadership.  (See order of wear)

Trail of the Saber Requirements

The following requirements must be met before reaching 18 years of age in order to qualify for the Trail of the Saber award.

  1. Be at least 14 years of age and a graduate of the 9th grade.
  2. Earn (8) leadership merits of any color (red, gold, or sky blue).
  3. Complete Junior Training Camp (JTC) and Advanced Junior Training Camp (AJTC).
  4. Complete two Action Camps or Junior Academy (JA) and one Action Camp.
  5. Read all 72 leadership distinctives as found in the 18 leadership merits.  These may also be found in the book A Guy’s Journey to Servant Leadership.
  6. Read the book Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley.
  7. Submit a Trail of the Saber Award Application to the national office for processing.

It should be noted that the Trail of the Saber award is represented on the uniform by a medal, ribbon, or patch and does not represent an actual saber.  However, recipients may be presented with a saber as a symbol representing the award.  For guidelines relating to the wearing of a saber with the uniform, please refer to our Saber Usage Parameters.