Utility Uniform for Boys

The Utility Uniform is the official standard uniform for all boys and leaders in Royal Rangers.  The style and design of this uniform makes it comfortable and suitable for regular active use.  It may be worn in two different configurations – PATCH FORMAT or PIN FORMAT. The format determines the insignia to be worn as well as other components.  A single uniform may be easily converted from one format to the other for use in different settings as needed by the wearer.

Patch Format

The patch format Utility Uniform most effectively utilizes the unique benefits of the utility uniform (comfort, durability, and suitability for active use) and is the recommended format for use in most settings. The Utility Uniform in patch format consists of the following components:

Pin Format

The pin format Utility Uniform enables the wearer to convert the utility uniform to a style more suitable for more formal occasions, such as award ceremonies or special presentations. The Utility Uniform in pin format consists of the following components:

Utility Pin Format