BIBLE MERITS are earned by completing a specified number of Bible lessons. One Bible lesson is typically taught each week as part of the weekly Discovery Rangers meeting. Bible merits represent one of the three categories of merits used in the advancement systems for Discovery and Adventure Rangers and provide the discipleship process by which boys and young men are shaped into Christlike manhood.  Boys must earn a prescribed number of Bible, skill, and leadership merits for each step of their advancement trail.

Adventure Rangers must earn one brown Bible merit for each of their quarterly advancement steps. Brown Bible merits are earned by completing any (8) Bible lessons from any Bible lesson sets or Spirit Challenge lesson available in TRaCclub, or any lesson approved by your pastor.

To complete each lesson, the boys READ a story, article, or passage of scripture together as a group, REFLECT on what they’ve read by group discussion, and RESPOND to the message by defining ways they can apply the concept in their daily lives.  The boys are also encouraged to continue their individual spiritual progress through a personal daily Bible reading plan of their choosing.